Smush It: Like “Mash It”. But Not. for WordPress

Lossless image compression

What does this tool do: Condenses your photo images to ensure a faster loading time and thus a better page rank.

Cost: Free

Main Page:

Comments: If you are not already condensing the total byte size of your images, you are far behind in your SEO efforts. So download this WordPress plugin now to increase your on-page optimization. You should already condense the size of your images before you post photos to the web. This will undoubtedly increase your page load speed. Keep doing that. But after this plugin is loaded, you don’t have to do anything more. It will further condense your pictures…automatically… to help make your page load lightening fast.


Mobile Friendly: Let’s Get Small

Mobile-Friendly Test


What does this tool do: Tests your web site to see if it is Google compliant for mobile devices, and tells you what to do if you fail.

Cost: Free

Main Page: Mobile-Friendly Test

Comments: Fast and efficient, this Pass-Fail test (called the Mobile Friendly Test) will lead you through procedures to correct your problems…if any… and ensure that you allow your site to move up in Google’s (and other site’s) rankings.

Spy Killers



Spy Killers

What does this tool do:  Not just Kaspersky’s TDSSKiller, but several tools actually. See below.

Cost: Free

Looksee Page: Select each program for a download site.

Comments:  If you are having malware issues that you can’t pinpoint but you know your computer is running slower, then first run these programs before you try other solutions: TDSSKiller, Junkware Removal Tool, MiniToolBox, Malwarebytes, SpyBot and the previously recommended AdwCleaner. Different malware programs clean different things, so best to run them all.