Spy Killers



Spy Killers

What does this tool do:  Not just Kaspersky’s TDSSKiller, but several tools actually. See below.

Cost: Free

Looksee Page: Select each program for a download site.

Comments:  If you are having malware issues that you can’t pinpoint but you know your computer is running slower, then first run these programs before you try other solutions: TDSSKiller, Junkware Removal Tool, MiniToolBox, Malwarebytes, SpyBot and the previously recommended AdwCleaner. Different malware programs clean different things, so best to run them all.

Wowzio: Widget Heaven


Wowzio Review

What does this tool do: Provides free and useful widgets for your blog.

Cost: Free

Who Needs It: Got a blog? You can use Wowzio.

Info Page: http://www.wowzio.com/docs/faq


(The Wowzio site is no longer operational. But I left it here for you to investigate.)  If you look to the left sidebar in Webzoom.biz, you will find a useful and informative “widget” that was easy to insert and has been taking residence, on trial there, for several months. Like what you see? Visit the above link.

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spellr.us: Your Mom, Without the Baggage

Spellr.us 1 

Spellr.us 2

spellr.us Review 

What does this tool do:  Corrects your site’s spelling. 

Cost: Free

Who Needs It:  You, Doofus. (Dufus? Doofuss? Dummy?)

Info Page:   http://spellr.us/


Too easy to explain. Checks your site’s spelling and is meciless when it comes to correcting you. (HT Len Charnoff at www.timesavingtutorials.com)




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popuri.us: Show Your Popularity


popuri.us Review 

What does this tool do: This Canadian site hows your Page Rank.

Cost: Free

Who Needs It:  Do you care if anybody else doesn’t?

Info Page: http://popuri.us/ 


If you care what your page rank is and you want to attract as many visitors as possible, then you might want to access this and get all your rankings together on one page. You can also embed a widget onto your site to let your visitors know just how popular you are.





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cP Site Saver: Back Up Your Blog

Cp Site Saver

cP Site Saver Review

What does this tool do: Backs up your website or blog…not just your data.

Cost: Free

Who Needs It: Do you administer a blog? Then you are at risk.

Info Page: http://www.webhostingunleashed.com/cpsitesaver/


We all back up our sites right? But how many of you have had to restore a downed site…hmm? Call your host and you will probably get a one week’s backup from Sunday night. But what if your changes were made last night? Or what if your host goes on vacation…forever? Or what if you don’t have 24/7 tech support or don’t want to wait as the 21st in line to be answered. It’s all in your risk portfolio. Back up your host and do them one better with cP Site Saver. It’s free and the backup is to your own computer. You can sleep better.

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Cligs: Count Your Clicks


Cligs Review

What does this tool do: Shortens your long URLs (like TinyUrl), but also keeps track of how many click-throughs you receive via that link. That is the huge benefit of Cligs.

Cost: Free

Who Needs It: Are you wasting your time sending out links to others? Find out.

Info Page: http://cli.gs/


Oh this is nice.  A free tool (with registration) that keeps track of hits on any individual link you may embed on your site or send to others. Would you like to know if the links you send via email are ignored or visited? Would you like to keep track of hits on specific links of your site? Would you like to trace the traffic patterns of links that you publicize through Twitter? This fine tool will do it for you. Embedded Twitter URLs (in your Tweets) are often condensed for space purposes. You can simultaneously condense those links and trace the hits to your distributed links, all via Cligs.

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CopyGator: The No-No Cops

Copy Gator 

CopyGator Review 

What does this tool do: Tattles on people who copy and paste your content to their own blogs.  

Cost: Free

Who Needs It:  Bloggers who produce their own words and thoughts but are worried about intellectual piracy. 

Info Page:   http://www.copygator.com/


Most bloggers are flattered to find out that they have been quoted on other websites. But if quotation marks and attribution are ignored, feathers may fly.  Instead of worrying about it, let CopyGator squeal on those plagiarists. See CopyScape for a similar alternative. 




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Woopra: Woo Woo



Woopra Review 

What does this tool do: Collects and feeds you analytical information about your site visitors.  

Cost: Free in Beta

Who Needs It: If you have your own blog, these details are required reading.

Info Page: http://www.woopra.com/ 


A beautiful interface and easy navigation are only two of the lesser benefits of Woopra. This analytical gem-collector will also present you with demographic facts and information in real time. Meaning, you can watch as people arrive and move around on your blog. You can even intercept them to chat directly.  The activity can be fascinating as visitors move from page to page. After auditioning Woopra for the last six weeks, it seems that the demographic data is on par with Google Analytics, but the display and real-time layout is much more attractive and interesting. HT to Len Charnoff of Digital College.





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SIRC: Supplemental Index Ratio Calculator

Supplemental Index Ratio Calculator1

Supplemental Index Ratio Calculator2 

SIRC Review 

What does this tool do:  Tells you how many of your site’s pages have been shunted off to Google oblivion. 

Cost: Free

Who Needs It: Do you care if anyone finds your site?

Info Page:  http://www.mapelli.info/tools/supplemental-index-ratio-calculator


Here is a tool that will tell you how many of your pages are actually found in the Google index. You may not care that your corollary pages are not separately indexed, but the more pages you index through Google means the more doors that new visitors will open to reach your site. So if you seek traffic, you should work to make each of your pages stand alone as keyword attractants. The primary method to achieve this is “incoming links”. But you should also optimize your different pages for the secondary keywords and long tail phrases that may not be used on your main pages. This tool is particularly helpful in comparing your site to competitors. The lower the ratio, the better the performance.   



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Google Webmaster Tools: Essential Stuff

Google Webmaster Tools1

Google Webmaster Tools2 


What does this tool do:  Helps you to open Google’s doors. 

Cost: Free

Who Needs It:  Can you follow rules?

Info Page:   https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/docs/en/about.html


In the game of web marketing if you play by your own rules, you’re bang…dead. At Google Webmaster Tools you will read what you can and can’t do, how you can increase the chances of your site being seen, tools to test your site structure and code, and much more. You need to know this stuff or your efforts will be appreciated by you alone. Because you will be your site’s only regular reader.



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