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What does this tool do:  Measures your raw ability.

Cost: Free

Who Needs It:  Well, possibly you.

Info Page:  http://www.brownie-camera.com/gallery.htm


More about Brownie Cameras in a minute. So anyway, I did indeed have a stroke, or hemorrhage to be more exact. It has taken about four years to return. My speech is still slightly affected along with my balance and right hand, but luckily my mind is still the same; I remain abnormal. Isn’t that wonderful. And although the world of blogging has become much easier to enter in the past several years, the basic elements remain very much the same. Even if you have all the tools, you will still need an underlying talent to get your message out. Good content is what is able to highlight good bloggers…just like a good photographer with a Brownie Camera. Same with blogging. You only need basic tools if you have the talent. And that’s what this web site offers. Tools.






Webzoom: Whatchoo Need


Review of WebZoom

What does this tool do:  Gives you to tools to build and rank your website. 

Cost: Free

Who Needs It: You, Doofus.  

Info Page:   www.WebZoom.biz


This site is meant for my clients and any others who may back into it, yet my goal is not to be Number 1 on Google. So I will resume sometime in the fall. If you want to prepare a site and get noticed quickly, then take the time to bookmark the entries. All you need is right here. You will profit from it!





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Spy: Repeating History




Spy Review

What does this tool do: Provides cross platform, up to the second updates on news from various social media.

Cost: Free

Who Needs It: Do you monitor the news?

Info Page: http://spy.appspot.com/find/%23iran?latest=25


This is the second time I have referred readers to Spy, the first being during the Mumbai massacre. Does it have anything to do with ranking your site? Not really. Does it have something to do with life on the “outside”?  Yes.  Use the pound sign to follow a specific subject and be continually updated. (#Iran).