Market Samurai: Oh My



Market Samurai Review 

What does this tool do: Keeps you from wasting time by entering a too-competitive market.

Cost: It doesn’t matter what it is this week. Buy it.

Who Needs It:  E-commerce Marketers

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You hit on the right page. This is probably the most valuable tool I own for choosing a competitive E-market. It will tell you the key phrases or key words that are highly searched plus show you those terms that have low competition. Then it will show you a graphic display of Google competitors to let you know if you should attack your area of interest. Such a time saver, lack of this software is what kept me away from the E-commerce market for years. I was not interested in doing the tedious analysis required of weighing good markets. I have never not listed a price before, with good reason. What ever it is, pay it and shut up. 14 day trial for free. 




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Woopra: Woo Woo



Woopra Review 

What does this tool do: Collects and feeds you analytical information about your site visitors.  

Cost: Free in Beta

Who Needs It: If you have your own blog, these details are required reading.

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A beautiful interface and easy navigation are only two of the lesser benefits of Woopra. This analytical gem-collector will also present you with demographic facts and information in real time. Meaning, you can watch as people arrive and move around on your blog. You can even intercept them to chat directly.  The activity can be fascinating as visitors move from page to page. After auditioning Woopra for the last six weeks, it seems that the demographic data is on par with Google Analytics, but the display and real-time layout is much more attractive and interesting. HT to Len Charnoff of Digital College.





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Unmask Parasites: You Don’t Need Tweezers

Unamsk Parasites1

Unmask Parasites2 

Unmask Parasites Review 

What does this tool do:  Searches out malicious code in your blog’s HTML.

Cost: Free

Who Needs It:  Would you prefer not to know you have Ebola? Don’t touch my doorknob.

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Never underestimate the ability of a scumbag to undermine your blogging efforts. And never believe that because you can view your site perfectly well, there is not malicious code embedded somewhere among the branches of your site. You should sign up for Google Webmaster Tools (see next WebZoom posting), and you should use this tool to alert you before Google erases your precious site from its memory.




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