Wowzio: Widget Heaven


Wowzio Review

What does this tool do: Provides free and useful widgets for your blog.

Cost: Free

Who Needs It: Got a blog? You can use Wowzio.

Info Page:


(The Wowzio site is no longer operational. But I left it here for you to investigate.)  If you look to the left sidebar in, you will find a useful and informative “widget” that was easy to insert and has been taking residence, on trial there, for several months. Like what you see? Visit the above link.

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What does this tool do:  Corrects your site’s spelling. 

Cost: Free

Who Needs It:  You, Doofus. (Dufus? Doofuss? Dummy?)

Info Page:


Too easy to explain. Checks your site’s spelling and is meciless when it comes to correcting you. (HT Len Charnoff at




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Market Samurai: Oh My



Market Samurai Review 

What does this tool do: Keeps you from wasting time by entering a too-competitive market.

Cost: It doesn’t matter what it is this week. Buy it.

Who Needs It:  E-commerce Marketers

Info Page:


You hit on the right page. This is probably the most valuable tool I own for choosing a competitive E-market. It will tell you the key phrases or key words that are highly searched plus show you those terms that have low competition. Then it will show you a graphic display of Google competitors to let you know if you should attack your area of interest. Such a time saver, lack of this software is what kept me away from the E-commerce market for years. I was not interested in doing the tedious analysis required of weighing good markets. I have never not listed a price before, with good reason. What ever it is, pay it and shut up. 14 day trial for free. 




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