Amazon/Magazines: Ideas for Profitable Niches


Amazon (Magazines) Review 

What does this tool do:  Gives you profitable ideas for chosing a niche. 

Cost: Free

Who Needs It:  Do you want to be successful selling on the internet?

Info Page:


To make a profit on the web, you want to stand in the middle of where people are spending money. You do not want to forge a trail for your exclusive product by yourself. If you want to choose a niche for probable profits on the internet, you had best not waste time with niches that prove unprofitable. But how do you find a profitable niche where people put money where their interest is? Amazon spends mucho-money on data collection that you wouldn’t dream of. And they give out their results for free. If their magazines are selling, you know people are buying them. Pre-qualify your niche at Amazon/Magazines.  




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What does this tool do:  Corrects your site’s spelling. 

Cost: Free

Who Needs It:  You, Doofus. (Dufus? Doofuss? Dummy?)

Info Page:


Too easy to explain. Checks your site’s spelling and is meciless when it comes to correcting you. (HT Len Charnoff at




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QuarkBase: Everything About a Website


QuarkBase Review

What does this tool do: Gives you the data behind a website.

Cost: Free

Who Needs It: Do you want to investigate your competitors?

Info Page:


In one location at one time, you can find out the technical info (host, IP, Nameserver), traffic (rank, reach, page views, etc.), feeds, description, owner…the whole catastrophe.

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cP Site Saver: Back Up Your Blog

Cp Site Saver

cP Site Saver Review

What does this tool do: Backs up your website or blog…not just your data.

Cost: Free

Who Needs It: Do you administer a blog? Then you are at risk.

Info Page:


We all back up our sites right? But how many of you have had to restore a downed site…hmm? Call your host and you will probably get a one week’s backup from Sunday night. But what if your changes were made last night? Or what if your host goes on vacation…forever? Or what if you don’t have 24/7 tech support or don’t want to wait as the 21st in line to be answered. It’s all in your risk portfolio. Back up your host and do them one better with cP Site Saver. It’s free and the backup is to your own computer. You can sleep better.

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WordPress Direct: Dude Blogging

WordPress Direct1

WordPress Direct Review 

What does this tool do: Sets up and stuffs a blog with your hands tied behind your back. 

Cost: Free and paid.

Who Needs It:  Probably you.

Info Page:


Easy Schmeezy Dude. There is probably not enough space to detail how you can use WP Direct to your easy benefit, so I will point you to the Info Page above and let you read and view the advantages. The primary value I see is feeding links to your own site or sites, especially as you build up your page rank, age, and relevance over time…and doing it with minimal effort. If you have the time to set up different sites (on different IP addresses), then you can gain significant benefit from such behavior by feeding backlinks into your prized domains. It is never too early to investigate your future advantages.  



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EduTextLink: Buy Your Site’s Diploma



EduTextLink Review 

What does this tool do:  Allows you to purchase a valuable EDU link to increase your own PR. 

Cost: Various

Who Needs It:  Want to increase your PR?

Info Page:


If you don’t know yet, the EDU extension on any page referenced is valuable as a PR intensifier. Higher PR gives you higher rank in Google and other search engines. Here is the last of our series on building your PR through the purchase of backlinks. Prepare to pay, but the value is commensurate.





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YourMainDomain: Wanna Rank?


YourMainDomain Review 

What does this tool do: Another Page Rank elevator…for a price. 

Cost: Pay for Play

Who Needs It:  Want to elevate your status in life?

Info Page:


Buy an aged or PR 6 link here and check out the site before hand. $160 per (PR6) link. If it matches your product or message, all the better. But high PR itself…and an old domain…is worth the price of admission.





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Time Saving Tutorials: Wanna Watch?

TimeSaving Tutorials1 

Time Saving Tutorials Review 

What does this tool do: Offers video tutorials as well as excellent recommendations for valuable utility sites. 

Cost: Free

Who Needs It: Virtually everyone can benefit from something here. 

Info Page:


This is a site you should bookmark for revisiting frequently when you have a few moments to learn new applications. This site doesn’t leave you to learn the sites on your own. Rather it introduces you via short and concise video explanations. Talk about time being “The Currency of the Workplace” (its motto), this is a site that puts its money where its mouth is. 



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I Sell Page Rank: Truth in Linking

I sell Page Rank1

I Sell Page Rank2 

I Sell Page Rank Review 

What does this tool do: Exactly what it purports. 

Cost: Various

Who Needs It:  Want to jump start your link building efforts?

Info Page:


Look, I could put a different label on this, but it is exactly what it says it is. And our efforts over the past several postings have been to build up your incoming links with paid services…which get you there much faster than a smile and free drink.





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TextLinkBrokers: Buy Your Way Into Heaven


TextLinkBrokers Review 

What does this tool do: Brings you quality links…for a price. 

Cost:  Different Prices for Different Values of Links.

Who Needs It:  Do you want to compete with the big boys?

Info Page:


Get the text link ads from their ad inventory. You can see how they rank sites, and you can buy links on different quality sites. Explore and read at their site to learn more. But you must accept that quantity and quality of one-way links are worth cost and time-saving sacrifices. This is how you get there.





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