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Alan Bixby is a former broadcaster and video producer who


…it’s just plain old me behind those Hollywood shades.  I’m the schlep at the keyboard who watches over this and several other web sites.

And my name is Alan Bixby.  So here’s the skinny:  I moved from broadcasting into writing, producing, directing and editing video for corporate and broadcast features. I was a producer for Microsoft for ten years where I also authored small-business articles for Microsoft’s web site, and directed a twenty-eight program award winning business broadcast series. I still do voice-overs and production for Microsoft and other corporations.

But since 2002 I’ve focused on internet marketing for small business. I now contract to market and administer websites, write articles and features for weblogs and I give presentations before business groups.

At this moment there is an explosive opportunity for even the smallest firms to take advantage of new profit streams through the internet.

I mentor small businesses by revealing the new marketing methods and (often free) tools they can implement now to put their internet efforts on steroids. I’ve also written a web marketing road map for the broadcasting industry that is available by request.

What are these Big Secrets for small business? The  evolving Weblog Format, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Keyword Mastery, Social Networking, Social Marketing, and Media Podcasting.

These terms have not even been part of our lexicon until recently, and most business people have had little time to comprehend the importance of them.

During my talks, I show how you can leap-frog your competition by implementing these new tools.

But I never have enough time to demonstrate all of the simple (and free) tools you can start using NOW to increase your efficiency in internet marketing. So I built this site to benefit the attendees at my presentations.

There is a lot to know, but it’s cool stuff. And your business and personal efficiency will greatly benefit!