SpeedTest: Did You Pass?

Webzoom: SpeedTest


What does this tool do: Checks the broadband speed of your incoming signal.

Cost: Free

Looksee Page: http://www.speedtest.net/

Comments: Sometimes I use this just to rule out the possibility that my computer problems are due to a slow speed. Sometimes I use it so I can legitimately berate the phone company…and have some evidence on my side. Make sure that you know the correct upload and download speeds that are provided by your package




Spy Killers



Spy Killers

What does this tool do:  Not just Kaspersky’s TDSSKiller, but several tools actually. See below.

Cost: Free

Looksee Page: Select each program for a download site.

Comments:  If you are having malware issues that you can’t pinpoint but you know your computer is running slower, then first run these programs before you try other solutions: TDSSKiller, Junkware Removal Tool, MiniToolBox, Malwarebytes, SpyBot and the previously recommended AdwCleaner. Different malware programs clean different things, so best to run them all.

Roomy: Nicey

Webzoom.biz Roomy


Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar

What does this tool do:  Allows quick access to bookmarks while hiding them from view…and much more.

Cost: Free

Looksee Page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/roomy-bookmarks-toolbar/?src=userprofile

Comments: This addon is much more valuable than may be obvious at first. It allows you to do many things you had never even considered before, but ends up saving you “real estate” and time in accessing your saved bookmarks. Among many options, you can hide (or not) multi-rows and names of bookmarks and save space by sizing and squeezing bookmark folders. Check this out.

pingdom: How Fast Can You Load, Buddy?

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pingdom Review

What does this tool do: Checks the load speed of your web site and compares it to others.

Cost: Free

Looksee Page: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/

Comments: Yeah, pingdom has been around since 2009, and it also offers a web monitoring service that tells you when your website is offline. But you should always check the load time of your site because Google and visitors see this as important.

Pocket: And Save This


Pocket Review

What does this tool do? Easily saves web pages for later review.

Cost: Free Firefox Add-on

Download Page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/read-it-later/

Comments: If you have never used this Add-on (when it was named “Read It Later”), you should try it now. When you are doing focused research, other great looking sites always seem to grab for your attention. Pocket offers you a fine opportunity to save and then return to a site later. It also will sync among all your computers (and mobile devices) and it offers a handy browser tool to make it very easy to access.



AdwCleaner: How Do You Pronounce It?


AdwCleaner Review

 What does this tool do?  Scrubs out your malicious adware, unwanted toolbar software, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), and prevents that unwanted change  from your primary browser.

Cost: Free

Download Page: http://general-changelog-team.fr/fr/downloads/finish/20-outils-de-xplode/2-adwcleaner

Comments: Fast. Easy. Impressive. Safe. On reboot I expected my computer to crash, but I only gained confidence that it did it’s job. Nevertheless, I would suggest you create a System Restore Point (Go to: Control Panel\Control Panel Items\System) before using it. This program allows you to make your own choices about what should be deleted, but for me, I deselected nothing. Voila!

TeamViEwer 9: Bye Bye LogMein




 TeamViewer 9 Review

 What does this tool do? Remote control of other computers

Cost: Free

Info Page: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/currentversion.aspx

Comments: This is a good free replacement for LogmeIn which recently and abruptly told it’s many user’s  it was discontinuing their free service. Judging by the angry response, this may be a lesson in poor customer marketing relations for Logmein. But try this alternative. It’s very good.

PicPick: My Pic, Your Pic, We All Pick Together


PicPick Review 

What does this tool do:   Captures, annotates and edits websites, or your own saved photos or text.

Cost: Free

Info Page:  http://www.picpick.org/en/

Comments:  There are many downloads of free screen capture tools, but this is one of the better free ones. At first I did find that PicPick’s scrolling window capture did not work in my Firefox or Chrome browser, but it did fine when using Internet Explorer. You’ll find good tutorials for it as well.

He’s Baaaack!

THE BROWNIE CAMERA PAGE - All About Eastman Kodak Brownie Cameras 2014-01-04 12-59-03


What does this tool do:  Measures your raw ability.

Cost: Free

Who Needs It:  Well, possibly you.

Info Page:  http://www.brownie-camera.com/gallery.htm


More about Brownie Cameras in a minute. So anyway, I did indeed have a stroke, or hemorrhage to be more exact. It has taken about four years to return. My speech is still slightly affected along with my balance and right hand, but luckily my mind is still the same; I remain abnormal. Isn’t that wonderful. And although the world of blogging has become much easier to enter in the past several years, the basic elements remain very much the same. Even if you have all the tools, you will still need an underlying talent to get your message out. Good content is what is able to highlight good bloggers…just like a good photographer with a Brownie Camera. Same with blogging. You only need basic tools if you have the talent. And that’s what this web site offers. Tools.





Webzoom: Whatchoo Need


Review of WebZoom

What does this tool do:  Gives you to tools to build and rank your website. 

Cost: Free

Who Needs It: You, Doofus.  

Info Page:   www.WebZoom.biz


This site is meant for my clients and any others who may back into it, yet my goal is not to be Number 1 on Google. So I will resume sometime in the fall. If you want to prepare a site and get noticed quickly, then take the time to bookmark the entries. All you need is right here. You will profit from it!





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