inventRight: License Right



What does this tool do: Entertainingly shows you how to license your invention.

Cost: Free

Main Page:  inventRight

Through many YouTube videos you can learn the advice of author/inventor Stephen Key and his partner Andrew Krauss about how to license your invention.  If you are using your website to visually promote the invention then you should also know how to license it correctly. All the information you need is here.

Majestic: Watch My Backlink

Majestic Backlinks Checker


What does this tool do: Among many other things, it lists your (or your competitor’s) backlinks.

Cost: Free

Main Page:

Comments: Why do you need this important site? Because you can not only check your own backlinks (which is important enough), but you can also explore and duplicate what your competitors are doing. Watch the Majestic tutorial to learn what you can do: How To Use Majestic – An Introduction to Majestic – YouTube

Page Load Speed Insight: Outstanding


What does this tool do: Measures the loading page speed of your site for both desktop and mobile use, identifies specific problems, then tells you how to fix each problem.

Cost: Free

Main Page: Page Speed Insights

Comments: Released a few years ago, this is an outstanding tool, related to the previous Webzoom recommendation that judges load speed on mobile units. But it doesn’t stop there. It gives you a number score (based on 100) that computes the viewing speed of your site for both  mobile and desktop view. Then it tells you a) what you need to fix now, b) consider fixing in the future, and c) items that passed the test. Very helpful. Don’t forget that there are plugins that will remedy many of the problems identified.